Terms of purchasing

Terms of Purchasing

1. Information

This contract is a legal agreement between you (hereinafter, the “acquirer user”), as the acquirer of the licences, and GETHENEWS S.L, which acts as the licensor and establishes the conditions for the acquirer user’s purchase and use of the audiovisual content (hereinafter, the “File” or “Files”) downloaded from www.kilfi.com.

This is an individual licence granting a registered user authorisation for account access, the licence and use of the acquired content.

The right to access and use the Kilfi website is granted to users who accept all the conditions and regulations in the User Contract and the Terms of Use. If for any reason the acquirer user does not agree with these conditions and does not accept the terms of the Contract, he/she may not access the website or use its resources. In case of contradiction between the content of this User Contract and the Terms and Conditions of Use, the content of this Acquirer User Contract shall prevail.

Kilfi reserves the right to make additions and modifications to this Acquirer User Contract at any time, which will take effect from the time of their publication.

If the user continues to use the website after these changes have become effective, he/she confirms his/her consent to the said changes.

If the user does not agree with the conditions of this contract at any time, he/she must immediately cease using the platform and its files.

2. Content

The Kilfi website contains files, information, software, illustrations, photographs and similar files that are subject to copyright, trademark or rights connected with the website.

The files available on the platform are provided by Kilfi’s collaborators by virtue of provider contracts. Acquirer user has the possibility and the right to download files in strict compliance with the conditions established in this user contract.

3. Licences and prices

Content available on the Kilfi website:

The pictures and videos have three different prices, depending on the desired download quality (size or resolution).

  • Low: The minimum quality/resolution available.
  • Medium: The medium level of quality/resolution of the three levels offered.
  • High: The maximum level of quality/resolution available for the desired file.

The size, quality or resolution characteristics associated with each file can be consulted in its associated product specifications.

On-demand content:

If you have a specific project in mind you can apply for a customised proposal via a channel for this purpose or by sending an email to contact@kilfi.com. After studying the project’s requirements, we will draw up a specific proposal with all the technical, creative and financial elements required for you to assess it. This proposal will contain one or more alternatives for you to consider. The project will be delivered in accordance with the specifications and conditions contained in the accepted proposal.

The prices shown on the Kilfi website are subject to the corresponding VAT, of which you will be informed during the purchase process and which will be added to the total amount to pay.

4. Licence restrictions

All the licences are individual, i.e. they authorise one person only (the acquirer user) to download and use the Files. You may transfer materials or work containing the Files to third parties for reproduction within the scope permitted, providing they receive no additional rights to the Files and cannot access them or extract them from the materials you have provided them with.

All the licences are individual, i.e. they authorise one person only (the acquirer user) to download and use the Files. You may transfer materials or work containing the Files to third parties for reproduction within the scope permitted, providing they receive no additional rights to the Files and cannot access them or extract them from the materials you have provided them with.

All copyright and other intellectual and industrial property rights in relation to the Kilfi platform, its services and the Files are reserved to Kilfi. All rights not expressly granted in this agreement are reserved to Kilfi.

– Types of license:

There are two forms of license use: for editorial use and commercial use, the first being more restrictive in terms of right to use granted to the subjects subjected to it. The user-buyer is the responsible of using properly the acquired contents depending on the function of this categorization.

  • Editorial right of use: a content marked for “editorial use” is any content that cannot be used for commercial purposes. It has been created for its use in news media and other public interest non-commercial purposes.
  • Commercial right of usel: el “commerical use” in its strict sense is any promotion or advertising campaign of a product or service that, directly or indirectly, generates income. To be able to use those images with commercial purposes it is necessary to obtain a separate license that contains the permit of all parts involved.
  • In the case of the available contents in Kilfi, all of the ones that are included in the Editorial category (stock.kilfi.com/Editorial) will be administered solely and exclusively to be used for that end.

Hereafter a non-exhaustive list is compiled, subjected to the restrictions and limitations part of the jurisdiction of each user, that identify the basic features of content of editorial use.

  • It can be used in any newsworthy context or of cultural interest, usually in articles in newspapers and magazines, news blogs or similar media related to the events.
  • It cannot be used with commercial purposes, such as advertising, promotions, advertising features, goods, etc (even if an extended license has been acquired) without first obtaining written consent of third parties as the owner of the content or, if necessary, of recognizable people or the ones corresponding to unique constructions or identifiable objects in the content.
  • And it cannot be modified, except for smalle changes of technical quality, slight croppings or resizing, and only if the editorial content and the original meaning is kept.
  • When editorial pictures are used in a printing context, websites, blogs, etc., the credit line must be included, showing it on the site and contained in the credit line field. For example: “Agency name/Author name”.
  • When editorial pictures or videos are used in films, television programs, podcast and others, this credit title must be included “Pictures and/or videos used under the license of Agency name/Author name.

Examples of contents that for their main features are of editorial use:

  • It has a celebrity.
  • It has a a person without a consent form Incluye a una persona sin un formulario de consentimiento.
  • Finally it has a registered trademark, service mark or objects (including buildings and locations) with a registered trademark.

5. Access Passwords

The user confirms that he/she agrees to an identification process being required to access his/her profile and agrees to the operations necessary for accessing the website content. So, the user name and password selected by the user are confidential information. The user understands that he/she must not disclose this information and undertakes to keep it secret and not to reveal, provide or offer personal access data to any third parties without express written authorisation from Kilfi.

As the owner of the access credentials, the acquirer user confirms and accepts that he/she is liable for each access to the website content that is made using his/her selected user name and password. The same account may not be used by more than one user. Each user who wishes to access the website must have their own account. Also, the user is informed of and agrees with Kilfi automatically accepting and recognising his/her user name and password as clear proof and evidence that he/she was the person who accessed the web content.

6. Rights, obligations and responsibilities of the Acquirer User

The acquirer user confirms and guarantees that he/she is over 18 and is of sufficient age and capacity to access and make use of the platform and to be bound by any liability that may arise as a result of the use of its files.

Cancellation policy: due to the features of the service; once downloaded the acquired files, there’s no possibility of canceling the purchase. In the case of, prior to the downloading of the acquired files, you decide they don’t meet your needs please get in contact with us through cancel@kilfi.com in order to proceed to the refund if applicable

  • The acquirer user is responsible for using the File and the content and for obtaining the corresponding licences for their use.
  • And the acquirer user undertakes not to use the acquired content for illegal purposes. He/she consequently agrees not to make improper use of any file obtained from the website.
  • The acquirer user undertakes not to acquire, extract or use the website content via any other means except by virtue of this Contract.
  • The acquirer user undertakes not to resell the content that has not been purchased or acquired by virtue of this Contract.
  • Finally the acquirer user agrees to access the platform files in accordance with the website regulations and procedures.
  • On downloading the file, the acquirer user confirms that he/she has read this contract and accepts all the clauses governing the platform and its use.
  • Any prohibited use of the File will be considered a copyright infringement. The acquirer user will be liable for any damages caused by copyright infringement, including any claims made by third parties. Also, Kilfi reserves the right to withdraw the licence for any File if a copyright infringement is considered to exist.
  • The acquirer user agrees to indemnify and to hold Kilfi and its officials, employees, shareholders, directors, managers, partners and contributors harmless from any damage or liability given rise to by the use he/she has made of the File or its content.

7. Limitation of KILFI’s Liability

  • Kilfi will not be liable for any damage caused to the acquirer user’s equipment and devices by inappropriate use of this platform.
  • It is not liable for the audiovisual content appearing on the website. The website content is supplied by the provider users, and if any inappropriate content is reported it will be deleted. The provider user will be liable for the said content.
  • Kilfi will hold no liability for the use given to the content acquired by the user. The platform merely distributes and licences the files and content of the platform.
  • All the information given in this section is without prejudice to the limitation of liability established in the Terms and in each specific contract.

8. Termination of the contract

This user contract shall be effective until the time of its termination. For this purpose, the user may contact the Kilfi platform at any time, providing identification, and confirm their intention to terminate the contract.

At its own discretion, Kilfi reserves the right to suspend, terminate or restrict the user’s right to access all or part of the content and resources of the website as a result of the user’s non-compliance at any time, with no proof or advance notice being required.

The termination of the user contract does not automatically exempt the user from liability. Similarly, Kilfi’s rights, obligations and liabilities shall continue to be valid after termination of the contract.

On cancelling his/her user profile and access to the files on the platform, the user confirms that he/she waives any credit that may remain in his/her account.

9. Jurisdiction and Applicable Law

For all issues arising with regard to the interpretation, application and compliance with this contract, and in case of any claims deriving from its use, all the intervening parties shall expressly waive any other forum which may correspond to them and expressly submit to the Courts and Tribunals of Madrid.

These terms are governed by Spanish law.

10. User Declaration

On accepting this contract, the acquirer user confirms that he/she has read and understood its content or, if not, that he/she has had the opportunity to be counselled by a professional before accepting it.

The user confirms that in addition to the conditions of this contract, he/she has become familiarised with those of other contracts mentioned and agrees with the restrictions imposed. If the user does not accept any of the conditions of any of Kilfi’s contracts, he/she must cease using the platform.

The user may not transfer these Terms or any other contract and/or transfer his/her rights and obligations, totally or partially, to any third parties. Kilfi may totally or partially transfer and/or convey the user’s rights and obligations to any third party designated at its total discretion.

11. Contacto

If you have any queries or suggestions with regard to this document, please contact KILFI by sending an email to contact@kilfi.com.