20 Aug 2018

To get good quality images and be acknowledged for it it it’s not an easy job. Some professional photographers achieve it after hard work, determination and specialisation. Who are the best nature photographers? In this post you will find a range of photography examples who have worked with nature. We will continue increasing this list in order to give you the chance to find the best inspiration for your photographic projects.

The best nature photographers

Tino Soriano

An Spanish photographer whose talent has been recognised both nationally and internationally. He has been rewarded by UNESCO and honoured with the “Silver Lens” award. In 1999 he won the World Press Photo, award in the Art category, the most prestigious photojournalism prize. .

Due to the work he has been tasked for, he has **travelled around the world. As a result of this, his work is filled of great travel and nature photographies which have caught the attention of big magazines such as National Geographic, La Vanguardia, Viajar and El País Semanal.

Tino Soriano, has published several books in which he talks about photographic techniques and has worked with National Geographic in order to create diverse travel guides.
If you want to check some of his best nature photographies, don’t miss this series of “Glaciares en la Patagonia chilena”. (Chilean Patagonia’s glaciers)

Kike Calvo

This Spaniard has specialised himself in cultural and environmental documentaries and has managed to display his editorial and personal work and even to be collected around the world.
Kike Calvo has been **awarded in several times and is represented by National Geographic Creative. But this he doesn’t consider as indispensable because as he says “photography is not something were people should compete”. He studied Economy, International Affairs and Environment. Enough reason why he is one of the most versatile nature photographers.

One of the most known award he has achieved **is the “International Affair” award in 2001 run by the New York University. His style reflects like no one the style of nature photographers with a journalistic perspective, playing with a side full of artistic sensitivity.

Here you can take a look of some of his best nature photographs.

Isabel Díez

She has kept a restless relationship with nature since she was a young girl. One the one hand, she was keen to find out how life worked and in the other hand, she wanted to capture the spiritualism she feels every moment she is in contact with any ecosystem. Isabel Díez is currently living in the Basque Country and her art work is displayed all over Spain.

Her photographs are characterised by being able to capture nature’s shapes, the elements’ fusion and the biodiversity.

The Spanish Embassy in Costa Rica carried out the project “Objetivo Pura Vida” (Target: Pure Life) in which she was hereby appointed for showing this country’s biodiversity.

In 2009 she published her first book named “Al filo de las mareas” (At the edge of the tides), where she portrayed her admiration and curiosity for the coastline. She has won important prizes, such as the “GDT European Wildlife Photographer of the Year” and she has also taken part as jury in international contests as the “Montphoto”.
You can discover the natural world of Isabel Díez here.

William Henry Jackson

It’s not possible to think about photography history and not mention William Henry Jackson. This US photographer captured in his XIX century’s snapshots the way of life of Native Indians, the issues of the railways workers and natural landscapes of America.

When he was a child he was interested in drawing and painting thanks to his mother’s influence. His first work was in 1858 in a photography studio where he coloured the pictures and learnt different techniques to use the camera and darkroom. Eleven years after, he set up his first photography studio in Nebraska. He was invited to an expedition through Yellowstone river in Wyoming and his work as nature photographer caused such a great impact that Yellowstone was declared National Park in 1872 .

Saúl Santos

Saúl Santos, photographer born in the Canary Islands, began his photographic adventure in 2001 working for the press, book publishing houses, tourism organisations and different editors in Canary Islands. In 2006 he moved to Madrid to start his professional career and study in the Centro de Estudios del Vídeo y la Imagen.

The main part of his work is the result of his trips around the Spanish geography that has allowed him to capture landscapes and cities. His art work has been displayed in several exhibitions in Madrid with a considerable success.

He travelled around South America shooting amazing photographic reports. The Patagonia’s report and Andes Mountain range’s stand out. He is one of the nature photographers who is more represented around the world. He has been published in El País, El Mundo, Visión Salvaje, National Geographic, Natura, El Mundo de los Pirineos and many more. In 2011 he decided to continue his work in South America and nowadays his projects are displayed in national and international museums.
To know more about his work, click

Atif Saeed

This Pakistani nature photographer pretends to capture the brief moment where nature and beauty blend together. Atif Saeed is a professional photographer known in the photography world because of his work’s great quality focused on environment. He tries to tend to serenity, balance and simplicity with his style. Each one of his photographs have a hard work based on time and patience waiting for the perfect light. To know more about him, click here

Francisco José Ruano

Although Franciso Ruano considers himself an amateur photographer, the quality of his job shows his attributes as a professional one. Ruano started his adventure in 2010 accompanied by his digital camera. The time passed by and he started to use a reflex camera to capture landscapes.

Thanks to the natural wealth he’s surrounded by, this amazing photographer born in Almeria (Spain) has taken incredible snapshots of the Cabo de Gata-Níjar Natural Park and surroundings. He also has filled his portfolio with wonderful landscapes photographs, specially marine landscapes. Even though his vocation is nature, he doesn’t dismiss urban, sports and night photography.

Click here to know more about the work of Francisco Ruano.

Mike Mezeul

Addicted to photography and adventure, this New Yorker touched a camera for the first time when he was 15, specifically a Yashica from 1975. Up to that moment, he wasn’t interested in photography. But something happened in that first contact that made him become who he is. Mike Mezeul is specialised in landscape, commercial, sport and environmental photography. He’s also a photography teacher and carries out different workshops around the country. He travels to national parks to do what he likes the most: photograph nature and natural disasters.

Click here to know more about him

David Doubilet

He’s considered the best underwater photographer in the world. David Doubilet was born in New York. He combines science, art and adventure in his photographs. At the same time, pretends to have an impact on the audience with the wonders of the deep sea.

At the age of 12 he started to take photographs under water protecting his camera with a plastic bag. One year after he graduated in Boston College, he did his first job for National Geographic.
Doubilet has carried off notorious prizes such as the “Sara Prize” in 1969 and the “Lennart Nilsson Award” in 2001. His separated lenses technique he invented by mistake, helped him to get more spectacular images. These put him as one of the leaders among nature photographers.

Greg Lecoeur

Greg Lecoeur was born in Nice, in the French Riviera. Due to the natural context where he grew up, awoke in him a great interest for marine biology and adventure. Although he didn’t delve into studies related to photography he spent his free time diving. This made him to be impassioned about capturing big quality photographs of the deep sea.

When he was 32, he made his life decision. He left everything and started to travel around the world with an underwater camera. In 2016 he was honoured by National Geographic as “Nature photographer of the year”.

Click here to know about his work

Each professional photographer is characterised for a style, a photographic technique and a personal way of working. But all of nature photographers have something in common: their passion for photography. If you need nature photographs and landscapes,, Kilfi and its image database are your answer.

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