01 Aug 2018

Afterglow, de Roberto Gómez

One of the preferred motives for amateurs and professional photographers alike, is a landscape at sunset and at sunrise. The light and colours of that magic moment of the day, the almost spiritual connection with the «king star» and the special climate that is generated. A perfect moment to create quality images.

Turn any framing in a good candidate to create quality images «picture postcard-like».

With these tips you will be able to get better shoots and it will make you stand out among the thousands of examples that can be found in any image bank.

Control the space and watch out the time

Visit the place before the proper moment. Although you can shoot on the spot, it is preferable that you visit the chosen setting to take the picture beforehand. This way, you’ll know in which conditions you’re going to work, space limitations. Should they exist and also all the details that can help or hinder your work.

The more foresight, the better result. Also, you must be strict with the clock. This magic moments last for a short time. So anticipate, consult the Internet for the expected time and be ready. Doing that with much anticipation will avoid you having surprises or working in a hurry.

The equipment in shape always for quality images

Knowing where the capture is going to be made, how the space will be and even the time the shutter is going to be released is important. Then it would be irresponsible of you not having all the photographic equipment ready. Lenses, tripod, some filter that might help you improve the final result… As we said, when the moment comes, you’ve got to act quick, so it is better to have anything ready.

RAW format photography

This tip might work in any given situation concerning photography. All professional photographers store their digital negatives in this format, because it registers this information in “raw”. That’s to say, the way it is captured by the lens. There is no compression or intervention whatsoever by the hardware — beyond your own adjustments — or the camera’s software, so there is no loss of any kind and, in the editing process after the capture, you can work with way more information, something that can’t be done with other compressed formats like JPG.

Be drastic about the composition

If there’s a situation in which to apply the “rule of thirds” is interesting, even mandatory, is this one. Divide, mentally and with the help of the viewer, the image in three equal parts, making the horizon line meet the upper or lower third. depending on the importance you want to give to the sky, sea or land.

Applying this rule, the composition will be more showy, without losing certain sense of balance and spontaneity. Do these tests beforehand, to check which is the framing and composition more satisfying to your needs.

Say goodbye to the sun

Although it is going to be the sole protagonist of your photography, the sun can’t be taken into account regarding measuring light and fixing exposure value. Take luminous references without the sun in the framing or this will alter the final result completely. It goes without saying that to do this type of photography — as with any other kind of surrounding, if you want quality pictures — you must not use the automatic triggering and you must work on the measurements and manual mode adjustments.

Check the white balance in particular. The colours that predominate in these type of pictures are live ones like orange and reddish. Escape from the automatic one, or the camera can even overlook some hues in a picture with high saturation values.

If you have always envied this dreamlike quality images from magazines, image banks or picture networks, don’t stay in the coach like a potato. Take your photographic equipment, wake up early and go do some testing. A planned capture treated with care, always will give you good results. It also will help your work make a difference and be otherworldly. Be different and show your results in Kilfi!

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