27 Aug 2018

Steve McCurry, Frans Lanting, John Stanmeyer, Michael Nichols and Tim Laman are some of the great names that resound in the world of professional photography at an international level. National Geographic presents itself as a shop window and common guiding thread in al their careers. All of them have surpassed the limits of creativity and have managed to share with the world great quality images thanks to their effort and interest for nature, science and anthropology.

The great talent pool of professional photography of National Geographic

Steve McCurry

Author of one of the most seen and acclaimed photos in history, Steve Mcurry captured “Afghan child”, a masterpiece of photography of the twentieth century, praised as one of the best covers of National Geographic magazine.

McCurry studied Cinematography History in the University of Pennsylvania. Later she worked in the ‘’The Daily Collegian’’ a newspaper of the area. This helped him have his first professional contact with the world of professional photography. Although the true leap in his career arrived with the coverage of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. He even found himself dressed as Russian soldier to go unnoticed, a fact he took advantage of smuggle the film rolls out of the country sewn into his clothes. Thanks to this job, he got the Robert Capa Gold Medal for Best Photographic Reporting from Abroad.

Frans Lanting

Born in Rotterdam in 1951 and schooled in the Netherlands, this professional photographer is now the owner of a gallery and a studio in California, where he resides. Lanting has worked around the world, in such faraway places like the Amazon rainforest and Antarctica. He also has specialized in nature snapshots and the environment.

In August 2012, he was nominated as the ambassador of the World Wide Fund for Nature in the Netherlands and as he himself states: “With our job, we promote the global understanding of the marvels that our planet possesses  through pictures, publications and activities that inspire people to help achieve a sustainable future for all life on earth”. His professional career is filled with prizes. Awards like the World Press Photo, in which he has been the runner-up in seven occasions.

John Stanmeyer

Born in Illinois in 1961, John Stanmeyer is a multidisciplinary photojournalist that is also known as a writer, lecturer  and cinematographer. He even has been awarded an Emmy in this category.

Since 2004 he has produced 14 photographic projects for National Geographic. In addition, he has received numerous and important professional photography prizes. Among them the Robert Capa Gold Medal . he lived in Asia for 12 years, but ended returning to the US in 2008, to resume a quiet life in western Massachusetts. Here he founded his own agency, VII Photo and gallery, Stanmeyer Gallery & Shaker Dam Coffeehouse.

Michael Nichols

His passion for photography began when he contacted US Army photography unit, in 1970. From then on, his eagerness for professionalism took him to study photography in Northern Alabama University. There he met Charles Moore, Life magazine photographer that turned into his mentor.

From 1982 until 1995 he was part of Magnum Photos, the prestigious cooperative found by Henri Cartier-Bresson and Robert Capa. In 1996 he met National Geographic and became part of the staff as a photographer for the renowned magazine. In 2008 he was appointed Chief Editor.

Thanks to his documentary approach and his will of overcoming the limitations, using camera traps, the general public has had the opportunity of having a closer look to eh world of the animal kingdom and the context in which they live in.

Tim Laman

Tim Laman, wildlife photographer and field biologist, spent his childhood in Japan. There, he enjoyed mountains and oceans and also where his interest in nature began. Since then, Laman has explored the world in search of stories related with the environment and science to photograph and show the world. His investigations have centred primarily in the Asian and Pacific regions.

In 2007 and after years of investigation about exotic birds, National Geographic published an article about the birds of paradise. It was the first of its kind in the magazine. His work has been recognised with important awards like Best Nature Photographer of the North American Nature Photography Association.

National Geographic has provided the world of professional photography with great masters. They have been able to capture the world of nature in their pages, making place to great covers that will be remembered in centuries. Follow these photographers, studying their work will allow you to keep improving

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