22 Aug 2018

The portrait is a style in professional photography that searches for emotions, sensations and perspective of a person. To get a a good portrait you’ve got to be patient and find the perfect ingredients. You must caress every phase of the photographic process, that is, prepare the scene beforehand and also take care of post-production. Managing to get an attractive portrait is complicated. We must capture that essential feature that makes the picture special and emotionally attractive.

Best tips to get the best portrait in professional photography

We know professional photography is a discipline and an art. Creativity, professionalism and spontaneity play a very important role in photographic production. But planning, knowing the target and keeping in mind the result we want, are paramount for a professional photographer.

  • Clean Background

Since the protagonist of the portrait is the person appearing in it, in other words the model, We strive for capturing the sensations of emotions of said person. Everything else is a distraction. It’s advisable, then, to use neutral background in which there aren’t other people that can distract the viewer. Moreover, if you use lenses with great background defocusing, the better. That is the way to make the model the protagonist.

  • Use your surroundings

As we stated before, the protagonist is the model. But you can use a higher aperture, that will help to include any element from the background that may contribute to the picture without stealing the model’s show. Of course, provided that it is in harmony with the type of photography you search for and the poser’s attitude. You know, a basic tip in professional photography.

  • Try different angles

Do you want to provide creativity in your pictures ? This is a trick that can be used not only in a portrait but in any kind of shot. Search for different perspectives, photograph from different angles and also at different heights.

  • Equipment

If you want to find quality pictures and improve your technique at the same time, get yourself an Strobist equipment. As we said in a previous post about gadgets for pprofessional photography lovers, it is about and conjunction of external flashes with lower power, shooters, reflectors and parasols. These will allow you to get more light and other things where you need them, especially outdoors.

  • The centre of attention: the eyes 

“The eyes are the mirror of the soul” is a classic poetic idiom in Spanish. We all know people that are able to transmit thousands of sensations. By their way of looking, we know how they feel or even how they are. The key is capturing the model’s emotions and feelings through his eyes. On occasion, when you think of photographing the eyes, it can turn into a picture with a lot of backdrop.

  • Yes to being inspired, No to copying 

It is very easy to fall into the easy temptation of copying a photo. Yet it also means that, in this manner, there won’t be any evolution in your work. It’s preferable that you find inspiration in other artists’ work but to create new ideas at the same time, avoiding copying at all costs. You can always use Kilfi image database as a source of inspiration.

  • Trustworthiness and ease 

Last but not least, to get the perfect portrait and have the model expressing all we’re searching for, we must create a climate of trustworthiness and ease. To make the person feel self-assurance and act normally. The end result we get through our work, won’t only be a way to capture the essence of a person, it also will be a way to define our technique and a trademark as a professional photographer.

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