21 Feb 2018
youtube photography channels

There’s a lot of information and specialized training that up until now was vetoed for the mayority. Be it because the price, or because other factors, but now it’s at anyone’s grasp. Those are the pros of new technologies and globalization. And professional photography is not alien to that revolution.  In this frame, one of […]

03 Jan 2018

As lovers of professional photography, in this post we track the great photographers that, over the course of history, have gained recognition for their brilliant work at international level and thanks to that, nowadays are considered part of the best photographers in history. Professional photographers’ Top 10 Henri Cartier-Bresson Henri Cartier-Bresson, considered by many as […]

02 Jan 2018
concursos de fotografía

We Keep on showing any photo contest of worth, that from Kilfi, we consider the most interesting, so you can introduce your snapshots and begin to work your way in the world of photography. Then, plunge yourself. If you don’t enter, you’ll never know the extent that your pictures can get. Who knows, maybe your work […]

02 Jan 2018
Fotografía callejera

A priori, it seems that the concept of Street Photography is only related with taking quality pictures in the Street. This discipline covers all spontaneous snaps carried by pros or amateurs in public places attempting to portray actions of our daily life. What’s street photography? Street photography has existed since the invention of the discipline. […]

28 Dec 2017

Every year since 1955, there s a special date for the professional photography world called the World Press Photo contest. A worldwide competition aimed at photojournalism professionals that gather the best photographs taken by the best photographers together. In Kilfi, we tell you which have been the best photographs in the World Press Photo 2017.. World Press Photo […]

28 Dec 2017
photographic equipment

In the professional photography world one of the most relevant aspect is to take advantage of the tools that you already have and learn new techniques and tricks. Therefore, it is not always necessary to invest a large sum of money in a new and perfect photographic equipment. Tips to squeeze your photographic equipment without […]

28 Dec 2017

The time for giving presents gets closer, and with it, the indecisions of what to give and how to get it right. In Kilfi we know that taking pictures, beyond professionalism, dexterity and experience, is also related with camera brands and the chosen complementary technology. Presently, there are some gadgets that can make taking a […]

17 Dec 2017
concursos de fotografía

In this space we’ll publish the schedule for the Photography Contest that we find about and it will be updated for you. If you like photography and think of yourself as a good shooter, the best capturing “moments” o just think of yourself as a portrait artist, you can submit your works in the following […]

14 Dec 2017

What’s about Instagram that neither Facebook, nor Twitter can defeat it? In just one year they’ve gone from 200.000 memberships to 700 millions in 2017. According to a report developed by GlobalWebIndex, in the last semester, Instagram has grown about 23%. Meanwhile, Twitter has just grown a meager 2% and Facebook has registered a decline […]