08 Aug 2018

Would you like to become a professional freelance photographer and turn your passion into your new way of life? If so, the right time has arrived to set up your own company. In this post we will provide you with the right tools and also with some tips to light up your passion and become a professional photographer.

fotográfo freelance

Tips to become a freelance photographer and set up your own business

  • Photographic equipment

Keep in mind that it is not necessary to invest a large sum of money in your equipment. Although, the set should be as complete as possible. At the beginning of your journey, it would be interesting if you purchase a mid-range SLR camera with some lens, a flash and a tripod. The second hand market is full of good opportunities and it could become a good option if your initial budget is tight.

  • Specialisation and training

It is very important to understand which type of photography you like. The decision will help you out to specialise your business and stand out from the competition. Take into account that the photography world is one of the most competitive markets. You should have the philosophy of continuing the training in order to find your place in the market and improve your know-how of your material. Finding your target client and focus your efforts on him is also a must.

  • Personal Branding

If you want to become a freelance and famous photographer is essential that you start building your personal branding. Thanks to the new technologies and the internet, you do not need to have a physical business. It is a good idea to invest on an operative website and set up profiles on social media networks like Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook, where you will be able to upload and show your work. Share also some tricks, your followers will like it. Your digital network is a good tool to gain notoriety and attract new customers.

  •  Professional image bank

As a newcomer in the photographic business and in order to sell your images, a good option will be to register in a professional stock picture like Kilfi. Many professionals use this type of platforms to be known. They earn recognition and obtain income for selling up their work. Mass media like newspapers or digital press are the main clients of this type of websites.

If you are considering this option, get in touch with Kilfi, we will help you!


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