14 Aug 2018

If your aim is to become a professional of photography, you have to offer quality material to your client. There is not a magic wand for this market. You will have to watch many many images of those photographers who inspire you and make a daily effort to study, learn and improve.

Book of a professional of photography

There are a couple of tools that can be handy for freelance photographers to have a better control of which of their works impact the most. We talk about the portfolio, a book where you show up your best pictures. The collection will help your potential customer to build an opinion regarding the quality of your work and your professional skills. Take into account these pieces of advice for different portfolio formats such as: physical layout and stock images.

Simplicity and sobriety

Your principal goal is the spectator – a possible customer -, whose attention should be directed to your work. Your portfolio must be simple and stylish.

It has to be something for a professional of photography, easy on the eye and without elements that could disrupt the perception of your pictures or divert the attention of who is watching. A simple design and layout will make your photos shine through. Hold in your mind the Zen philosophy: the simpler and harmonious, the more beauty and tranquillity will be passed on.

The best of the best

Although, you believe that you are an excellent and versatile artistic photographer, you can not overwhelm the spectator with all your collection. Your book must have your best pictures, but it is easier said than done.

It can be painful to rule out that picture that you are most proud of, or the work that took you so long to capture, but you have to be honest to yourself. The self-criticism is your best allied because deep inside you are aware of that the image is not good enough. Choosing a minimum of 20 and a maximum of 40. The discarders could be used in another time or showcase them in a different format.

Be honest

Your line of work should be based on the same honesty that you require to yourself when you choose and discard pictures. These values should be passed onto your portfolio. The motivation should be transmitted and felt by the person who is reviewing your collection.

The book should speak and tell your motivations behind any of your work; what is important for you and why. In order to inspire someone with your vocation, you need to be passionate.

Tell a story

Boredom is the main enemy of the spectator. Watching more than 5 to 10 photographies could be discouraging. If you want all the pictures included in the portfolio to be reviewed with attention, build and tell a story with the content. With imagination and creativity you will be able to say something extra about you and your work in addition of showing off your ability as a photographer.

Talk only if you can make it better than silence

Your work should speak out for yourself. If you are in the room when someone show your work, you should be quiet, or just say a few words only to add relevant information about a particular photo. Allow the quality of the images to cause an impact on the viewer.

Do not include neither technical comments nor anecdotes about how or where one of the pictures was taken. If your professional pictures are good, let an atmosphere be created; a connection among the pictures and the viewer. Any adding could ruin a good first impression.

Essential data

The front cover of your portfolio is the right location for the best photo you have shot until now with the aim of gaining attention of the public. On the other hand, the last page should include your contact details. Optionally, the portfolio’s pictures can have additional information such as: date, place where they were taken and also a title, which can transmit valuable data of the motivations and inspirations behind the taking. However, this information should not steal the limelight of your best pictures.

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That ppicture worth of a professional of photography is closer every day.

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