20 Aug 2018
nature photographers

To get good quality images and be acknowledged for it it it’s not an easy job. Some professional photographers achieve it after hard work, determination and specialisation. Who are the best nature photographers? In this post you will find a range of photography examples who have worked with nature. We will continue increasing this list […]

06 Jul 2018

Vivian Maier was 83 years old when she died in 2009. However, she was not able to see her work as a  photographer. This nanny who loved photography had accumulated a stock of more than 100.000 negatives and countless rolls of undeveloped film throughout her life which showed the American way of life over more […]

21 Feb 2018
youtube photography channels

There’s a lot of information and specialized training that up until now was vetoed for the mayority. Be it because the price, or because other factors, but now it’s at anyone’s grasp. Those are the pros of new technologies and globalization. And professional photography is not alien to that revolution.  In this frame, one of […]