20 Sep 2018
photography museums

Photography as an art is a very recent thing, historically speaking. Although it hasn’t travelled as much as other plastic arts like painting, drawing and engraving, it is without a doubt, one of the most valued manifestations by art lovers, for its beauty and expressivity. Hence, the main theme of this post, photography museums. As […]

27 Aug 2018
professional photography

Steve McCurry, Frans Lanting, John Stanmeyer, Michael Nichols and Tim Laman are some of the great names that resound in the world of professional photography at an international level. National Geographic presents itself as a shop window and common guiding thread in al their careers. All of them have surpassed the limits of creativity and […]

20 Aug 2018
nature photographers

To get good quality images and be acknowledged for it it it’s not an easy job. Some professional photographers achieve it after hard work, determination and specialisation. Who are the best nature photographers? In this post you will find a range of photography examples who have worked with nature. We will continue increasing this list […]

01 Aug 2018

One of the preferred motives for amateurs and professional photographers alike, is a landscape at sunset and at sunrise. The light and colours of that magic moment of the day, the almost spiritual connection with the «king star» and the special climate that is generated. A perfect moment to create quality images. Turn any framing […]