About us

One day we found about the term “Kill Fee”, referencing the residual payment a reporter gets for an assignment that doesn’t get published. We thought about how frustrating it has to be. We investigated. And we saw there were a lot of things that could be better in the way the professionals from audiovisual media can act on the market.

We propose a different way of doing things, where most of the profit goes to the one who really deserves it: The creator. We can do that, because we have converted the technology into our main tool. And we want to create new rules that benefit the creators of audiovisual contents, and to improve a market structure that is unfair and insufficient.

Fotógrafos freelance

Kilfi is the tool that freelance photographers were waiting for

Fotógrafos freelance

Our target

We search for communication, information and image professionals. Those who live to tell the stories in images and want a different way to interact with the market, and also believe there is another way of doing things.

Those who search for a better reward to their efforts.

If you’re a photographer, a reporter or a freelance journalist. And if you are an audiovisual content creator. If you are an image professional. If you seek to improve your profitability and increase your customer base, we are looking for you.